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Marijuana laced food items are getting more and more popular with kids.  THC can be found in all sorts of food items such as cookies, hard candy, popcorn,suckers etc. Contact us if you would like more information on this "hidden" abuse.

Adolescent substance abuse has been identified as the Number 1 health problem challenging teens today.

Parent Denial may be Number 2.

If you suspect your teen is using drugs... be pro-active.  We can help with referrals, drug testing kits, and in home searches.

Why Bring A Drug Dog In?


Many people ask us this question.. and the answer is simple....

to know the facts.

For some, it ends the fighting between teens and parents.  Once the parents have the "goods" in hand, kids can no longer deny use.  For kids already in rehab, it provides a way to see if they are still using. For schools and commercial facilities we provide a clear picture of any drug use on the property.  We do this entirely confidentially and you and only you will know the outcome, and decide your next step.  No law enforcement or drug agency will be alerted and we will provide you with materials to help you take action.

Denial won’t help your children, especially if they are using drugs

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“I have been working with and training Police Canines for over fourteen years, both Patrol and Detection dogs. During this time I have observed and worked with some very nice dogs. Detection Canine Gulia of Drug Dog Services, LLC has to be one of the best detection dogs I have ever worked with.  She has a phenomenal disposition and work ethic.  Detection Canine Gulia enjoys her job more than most.”

Susan Olds, K-9 Handler

What to Expect

  • Total Confidentiality
  • No affiliation with Law Enforcement
  • Certified and professional Handler/Dog teams
  • Discreet : We arrive at your home in unmarked clothing and vehicles
  • Peace of Mind, Freedom From Worry or confirmation

Did You Know